Our trained staff uses a fit process not found in most retailers. During a shoe fitting, we carefully assess your foot and lifestyle to find the perfect fit for you.

Here's how our shoe fitting process works.

  1. Let's Talk.  We need to find out what your need for healthy footwear is.  Whether you are planning on running a marathon, walking weekly with your friends, or just need a good pair of shoes for work, we will help narrow it down.

  2. Let's Talk Some More.  Think of us as a therapist for your feet.  During the shoe fitting process, we like to know about any past or recurring injuries, areas that get tired or fatigued, and other issues that might be affecting your performance.  If you have an older, worn pair of shoes, bring them in so we can learn more about your gait cycle.  If your doctor or physical therapist has suggestions, let us know so we can work with them!

  3. Measure Your Feet.  Often, we find people know their foot size, but when is the last time they were actually measured?  Over time your foot can change size and we see sizing changes with different brands and models.  Our job is to read the Branock device and give you our best suggestions.

  4. Dynamic Movement Observation.  Fancy words for watching how your foot moves or its "gait cycle."  Our staff is trained to study the amount of pronation or supination from stride to stride.  This is something we pride ourselves in.  We aren't doctors and don't pretend to be, but our experience helps us recommend a shoe that is functionally correct for you.

  5. Go For A Test Run.  Our staff will provide a few selections of shoes for you. Take a spin outside with them or through our store.

  6. Your Turn.  With hope will have provided you with some outstanding choices in footwear, and your instinct for fit and feel will help guide you through the rest.  For best results we do urge you to buy products based on function of the shoe rather than fashion.

  7. Continuing The Customer Support.  Our return policy is simple: test drive your shoes for up to 30 days, and if you have concerns at any time we need you to follow up with us.  If you are not satisfied within those 30 days we will take the shoes back for an in-store credit (basically we will work with you until you are satisfied with a pair of shoes from our company).

New to QCRC... Sports Bra Fittings 

  1. Our staff, which primarily consists of women, recognizes the importance of a properly fitted sports bra and the vital role it plays in movement. Our goal and training is geared around providing a personalized fit for a vital piece of apparel. Carrying both Brooks and New Balance models, we have an array of inclusive sizes made for everyone!


We want you to know that we love what we do and believe in our fit process.  In the end we want you to feel comfortable with your choice!