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Marquette Trail Running Series

The Marquette Trail Running Series is an 8 race points trail series.  This is a club style event (not an official race but more of a fun social gathering) that allows runners to explore new trails, test their speed and skills against others and provides great camaraderie amongst trail runners.  The series is a free event to all club members ($20 club membership for the year) or a $5 suggested donation per event.

Race Distance: each course will be GPS measured.  There are 3 categories for the series; Kids course (2-3 miles), short course (5-10km) and long course (2 loops of the short).

Start time: 6pm for each race

Points classifications:  there is a men’s and women’s division for each of the courses.  The top racer for the night will get 25 points, second 23 points, 3rd 21 points…  racers must complete 6 of the 8 courses to be considered for season standings and any runner who completes all 8 courses will have a 15 point bonus.  The year-end season standing will be based on each runner’s top 6 scores.

Aid: this is a club style event and there will be no aid stations on the courses.  At the start finish are we will have limited water and some refreshments.  It is encouraged that all runners bring their own water.

Courses: each course will be at a different location.  The courses will vary from flat and fast to a hill climb challenge, a prediction run, and a technical test course.  Throughout the season there is sure to be a course that every runner can excel at and one that they fight to get through.

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Andrew Rickauer 250-2005


Facebook: Marquette trail running

Noquemanon Trail Network

Maintains a series of interconnected year-round, non motorized land and water trails for use with cross-country skiing, trail running, mountain biking, and nature observation.

The Muffin Runners

The Muffin Runners were founded in February of 2009.  The group meets at the Marquette Commons in downtown Marquette every Wednesday at 9:00 A.M., rain, shine, or snow (except July 4, December 25, and January 1).  The muffin run is a 7 mile loop on the multi-use path beginning and finishing at the Marquette Commons.  Runners of all abilities are welcome to join this informal running group.  The Muffin Runners begin together and then break up into smaller groups allowing everyone to run his or her own pace.  Many go to Babycakes Muffin Company on Washington Street afterwards for coffee, a muffin, and socialization.  For more information contact Bill Sved at BS50runner@gmail.com or 906-361-5059.

Upper Peninsula Road Runners Club

The Upper Peninsula Road Runners Club encourages running (particularly long distance running), fitness and health, and whenever feasible, track and field participation. To this end, the club may hold championships, conduct demonstrations, put on social events, print and publish books, magazines, gazettes, and newsletters, make awards, and do other things conducive to the sport.

Other club objectives are to engage in community activities, to promote the benefits of long distance running, jogging, biking, and swimming, and to coordinate with other organizations that advocate these types of activities as means of physical fitness.